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We are a Peruvian family business group established since 1983. We have developed over the years, consulting on projects in engineering, architecture, economics and legal related foreign trade, ports, airports, among others.

We have top professionals in the maritime and port-customs sector, enabling us to provide comprehensive consulting services through our business.

Econ. Edgardo Gamarra Pastor
Econ. Antonio Quiroz Rodas
Econ. Carlos Manuel  Gallegos Marchena
Ing. Carlos Cañamero
Dra. Mary Ann Gamarra Bellido
Arq. Paul Norabuena
Dr. Edgardo  Gamarra Bellido
Ing. Luis Francisco Cadenillas Gálvez
Ing. Luis Curotto
Comandante Guillermo del Águila
Otros Consultores

Navy Officer in retirement, graduated from the Naval Academy in Peru, Bachelor of Maritime and Naval Science with Export Management studies in ESAN National Defence Course at the Centre for Military Studies (CAEM), Course of Managament, University of Piura, Diploma in Port Management State Ports of Spain, in Valencia. With experience as a manager of the Port of Callao, Amazon Project Director of Ports, Ports Regional Manager of the Peruvian Amazon.